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Maintenance tips for leather furniture

Every home is built with a passion and love for the home increases with its beautiful interiors. Having leather furniture in your living room talks status and adds a sense of luxury to your home. You may opt to buy leather furniture to every area in your room and at the same time, you should be aware of maintaining it the right way for it to be durable. An expensive product doesn’t come easy. Here are a few tips to follow for easy maintenance of your leather furniture:

1.Wiping – It is best to use a microfiber cloth to clean leather furniture. Practice cleaning it weekly so that you can avoid dust from building up. Use distilled water to dampen the cloth and wipe down stubborn dust but do not soak water to the leather. Make sure you are using a soft cloth and never brush or scrub leather which may cause scratches and damage it.

2. Vacuum –Leather is no exception for dust and debris build up. A vacuum’s hose attachment with a brush that has soft bristles can be run gently on the surface of the furniture. It is always good to remove the cushions for effective vacuuming. If they are not detachable ones, thevacuum in between using a narrow angled hose.

3. Cleaning Spills – For all those who have naughty kids around and are regular in spillage, episodes make sure you blot it immediately with a dry cloth or sponge. Minimize using water and make sure you dry the area. Wiping will make it messier so it is best to blot it. For non-liquid spills use gentle soap which can be dabbed with warm water. If the stains are strong always take professional help Top tips from an interior designer on how to style your home | Homes.

4. Leather cleaners – Your household cleaning agents like detergents, solvents, cleaning sprays, bleach, furniture polish etc. can be harmful on leather furniture. Never use these to clean leather. Though expensive, a leather specific cleaner will make your furniture last long and makes cleaning any kind of mess faster.

5. Know the care instructions – Understand that every product comes with care instructions and so are the leather furniture. There are general guidelines which are useful for maintaining your furniture. Reading this will help you understand the furniture better and the products associated with its maintenance as some manufacturers specify their own brands of cleaning material. This also avoids incorrect cleaning.

6. Proper location – Place the leather furniture in a proper area in the room where you intend to keep it.  Think of caring for leather as you care for your own skin since leather is made from animal skin. Do not place in under air condition vent or near the fireplace or where there is direct sunlight for long hours. These can dry out leather which may cause cracking and fading.

7. Conditioning leather – Using recommended leather conditioners regularly on your furniture as this will reduce drying out and cracking. Using a microfiber cloth apply the conditioner twice a year. You can contact the manufacturer for the right type of conditioner. Though it is expensive, it is important for your leather furniture to last long.

8. Storage- If you are not using leather furniture for a while, it is a best practice to get it professionally cleaned and packed up into a storage unit. Always use plastic to avoid moisture from harming the leather and also leather needs to breathe so provide some space and never tight wrap them. Do not place anything heavy on leather products while storing which causes damages that are irreparable and ensure placing them on a wooden pallet to keep away from theground.

With the above tips, you should be able to maintain your leather furniture easily. Every time you buy a new cleaning agent, try using it in a hidden place so that any damage is unseen. Leather furniture is a beauty addition to your place as long as it is maintained well. So spending some good amount on maintenance is worth showcasing the luxury.  The leather is one of the best durable, low maintenance furniture you can ever buy. Proper steps for cleaning and good upholstery can make them friendlier.